Do not squat

The signs in Thailand will at first leave you lost and confused, asking questons like why would that man be squatting on a toilet? Who would think to kick someone on the ass? A no farting sign on a bus? Like anyone can hold it in on a 24 hour bus, do they have fart brakes?Most signs are quite graphic, for example a man groping a woman or the before mentioned kicking of the ass. The main sign that no one understands at first is the squatting on a toilet. Who would squat on a toilet? Why would they do such a thing? Suddenly a week later and you stop questioning the signs.You see in Thailand they have squatting toilets. Just a hole in the ground with a basin cover that you squat on. I imagine the squatting signs came in when the sit down toilets (the normal and only toilet in most western countries) as a way of making sure people did not think the new high seated toilets were just an annoying climb on the familiar toilet.All I can say is only in Asia.



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