The 2000k hitchhike reverse B

As you all know iv been working on my reverse bucket list for a long time now. Its been a while since iv had chance to do anything new unless you think taking two geese on a walk is list worthy. I will debate this with my self and get back to you.
Anyway iv been on a crazy 8 week trip with my little sister and iv made her do a lot of my list. But its not the things I had already done before she came its all about the things we did together that are worthy of my list.

So here they are.

1- we fed 4 year old crocodiles.
2- we swam with a 5.5m crocodile.
3- we rode a Camel
4- camped in the out back
5- Hichhiked (over 2000K). I have found this to be the best way to get around and meet awesome people.

Its been a crazy few weeks




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