52 moments 3-10

finally gotten around to trying to complete my new years resolution so here is the first few. the order may not be wright as in true style iv sent both my diary’s home before doing this.

Moment number 3
going to the great barrier reef for the first time and finding a psychedelic black and white clam. Watching it under the sea moving through the waves. Taking a moment to appreciate the wonders of the world and the hidden treasure of the ocean.

moment number 4
spending my last week in Cains with the most amazing people, seeing a guy I was really into. Having fun, drunk swimming and having two friend wright in my two leaving books at the same time. Feeling very loved.

moment number 5
surprising my sister on her 20th birthday, she had no idea I was heading home in fact we hid it so well she thought I was getting her a pet snake. I’m still not sure how she thought I’d get that through customs.

 At first she just stared at me before shouting no and bursting in to tears. It will be something I tease her about for the rest of my life.

 It was the first time id been home since my Nan had died.

moment number 6.
Laying on the sofa at home just watching the tv and eating crap with the family. Its the normal things that you miss when you are away. A moment with the family that you want to freeze and keep forever.

moment number 8.
seeing both of my best friends in one week. Eating take out and talking as if you have never been away. Seeing their babys for the first time was amazing. I’m not a big baby fan but as its my best friends I just fell in love.

moment number 9.
Clares baked cheese cake. A little peace of heaven in every bite.

I wish it could be sent in the post

moment number 10.
Walking around Perth for the first time, walking in the 25 degree heat by the sea quay when there where dolphins swimming next to me and jumping under the bridge.


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