Reverse bucket list

A few years ago I desided to write a bucket list. Being me I wanted to make it a bit different so wrote one for that year, it consisted of 10 things I wanted to do over the next 12 months.  At the time I was in England and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I had applied for a few cruise ship jobs, the army, also some more studies.  My bucket list contained things I could do at home like

Milk a cow
Go shooting
Finish my tattoo
Dress as a smurf
Move abroad
Buy a new laptop
Visit 3 new country
Meditate on a beach

Normal easy to do things or so I thought.

By January 2012 I had a job on a cruise ship and the list was forgotten untill I got home in September. When reading my list for the fist time in 6 months I realised I had not completed as many as I had wanted to but I had done alot of other things. Things that I had never deamed of before.

This is when I realised a year bucket list was great but it left me feeling disappointed at the things I had not done. It became more negative and adds pressure to my life when I tried to complete it at the end of the year.

I like to be different  in the way I do things therefore I decided to do a reverse bucket list.  I only put down the things I have done. This way when I look at it I see all the amazing things I’ve done, I remember the great experience I had with each one. Instead of seeing a todo list I see a have done list.

♡ stood in a waterfall and climbed up.
♡ meditated on a beach
♡ went to four different countries in four days
♡ jumped into a cave pool in the dark
♡ walked the Melbourne race track
♡ snorkeled the great barrier reef
♡ kayaked around the norwegian fjords
♡ been to the top of the Eiffel tower
♡ seen wild dolphins
♡  walked the Monty carlo race track
♡ stroked a kangaroo in Australia
♡ hiked a national park in Norway
♡ made a music video on a ship. Also a tv show
♡ got a degree in Psychology
♡ swam with sharks
♡ snorkeled a ship wreck
♡ have done a 24 hour flight
♡ seen an eclipse from the south Pacific ocean
♡ drank water from a icelantic waterfall
♡ swam in volcanic water in a natural rockpool
♡ had a shot of Russian vodka in Russia
♡ been to Northcape.
♡ seen a wild white reindeer
♡ had a gondola ride in Venice
♡ Rode an Elephant in Thailand
♡ been white water rafting
♡ rode a bike on the crazy roads of Penang
♡ been the first westerners to sleep in a 3rd word country village.
♡ seen a wild crocodile
♡ been claimed by a monkey and played with baby monkeys.
♡ released baby turtles for Loi Krathong
♡ met the last survivor of the S21 prison in Cambodia
♡ swam in the Mekong through the jungle
♡ drank from a coconut we got from the tree
♡ prayed in a Buddhist temple
♡ dived and achieved my open water padi.
♡ been to the other side of the world

37 moments of my life I will never forget and the best part is my bucket list is never ending.

Click the link for The bucket list photos




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